UFOs & Aliens in Alaska?


My mother was an alien. No, not the illegal kind, but the type from outer space. She belonged to a UFO cult that started in Wrangell, Alaska in the 1960s and she stayed active in it until the mid 1980s.

So if you read this blog post, you'll be among the few people that know about The Family of the Aurora Dea, one of the most bizarre religious cults on record. In cult studies speak The Family of Aurora Dea is considered a UFO cult.

My mother during her cult days.
UFO cults emerge in times of severe social strife; they thrive in advanced technological societies like the United States. But why did one thrive for a few years on a remote island community in Alaska? I'm not sure.

Fortunately, I wasn't raised with my alien mother. I grew up on Wrangell Island with my father.  So when I decided to write about my mother's experiences and my own life as the daughter of an alien, I went to the source: my mother.  Luckily for me she self-published a book Caught in a Cult, which sold 14 copies to relatives.

The town of Wrangell, Alaska where my mother and I were both born has a population of around 1,500 people—it was slightly smaller in the 1960s. Wrangell is located on an island in Southeastern Alaska in the Alexander Archipelago, about a thousand miles north of Seattle.

I'll write more about this subject later, but for now enjoy my collage poems on the subject of having a mother who thought she was an alien from outerspace. Two of my collages were published this past summer in a special 60s issue of Phati'tude.

Poetry Collage from a chapbook (still looking for publisher).
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