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A Snapshot of Current Beliefs

"A Snapshot of Current Beliefs" video poem by Vivian Faith Prescott Collage poem by Vivian Faith Prescott A Snapshot of Current Beliefs I think of the sea exhaling and inhaling        against the shoreline, forming it into unrecognizable shapes, how the       ocean curves beyond our line of sight. I think of the sky chasing the sun         into an evening blush,  and the morning winds and afternoon torrents.      We’ve had months of this:  the rain washing salmon eggs from      streams, the algae cloud beneath  the surface. I sense the ocean here         is different;  the weight of the gods’ footfalls       sink down. Our faith has dulled, once hook-sharp, pressed against       our whorled thumbs.  Still, the holy ones venture out      into the dark hush to try and save us from ourselves.      They practice prayers  to change these rainfall patterns,      and quickly repair our seawalls.  But all th

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