Veil of Water, Veil of Story

I kneel beside the petroglyph, tracing a killer whale fin with my finger. There is a story here. I feel the ovoid eyes, the high dorsal fin.

I imagine the artist with her carving tool, gouging rock. I take the time to thank her: Gunalchéesh. Gunalchéesh Platform House, Frog House, all those from the Shtax'héen Kwáan—Bitter Water Tribe.
There are many stories that shape my childhood, and are still shaping my adulthood. My father, Mitchell Prescott, has allowed me to record his stories for use in my unpublished memoir, The Wind and the Amoeba. One of these stories is now published in The Hamilton Stone Review. In the story, my father witnesses nature's violence: killer whales attack a humpback whale. "We were heading across the mouth of Snow Pass and I looked out and I could see this whale thrashing around in the water...."

Intrigued? You can go to the Hamilton Stone Review and read it online:
Veil of Water, Veil of Story.


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