Planet Alaska Receives Liebster Blog Award

My blog Planet Alaska has been awarded the Leibster Blog Award.
What's that? The Liebster Blog Award is bestowed to read-worthy blogs with less than 200 followers.
I guess that means someone is actually reading my blog. Hooked, a blog from Tele Aadsen, a fisherwoman in Sitka, Alaska, has awarded Planet Alaska the Liebster Blog Award. Hooked is an award winning blog about the fisherman's relationship to the sea and to everything else. Hooked's adventurous blogger provides readers with a fascinating look at the commercial fishing life.  She writes about encounters with whales, longlining, and sustainable wildlife, in addition to blogging about women's roles in fishing.

The Leibster Blog Award rules: 1). Thank your awarder and link to their blog. 2). Nominate 5 other blogs you visit and enjoy. Let those bloggers know by leaving a comment on their blog. 
My nominees are:
Ishmael Hope: Alaska NativeStoryteller. Ishmael Hope's blog is a refreshing look at contemporary indigenous culture. Ish's blog is intimate and beautiful. On the subject of wellness, he writes, "I want a healthy, happy life. And I want a life full of the beauty and wonder of my Tlingit and Iñupiaq heritages."

Anne Caston's Deep Dixie is a reflection of her storytelling talent. Her blog is funny, insightful, and heartfelt. In a "Book of Splendor" she writes about her love of flimsy, thin notebooks that she's bound together with staples. "What I understand about my words, even the moments in which something profound may surface in them, is how rightfully they belong on paper that tatters and frays and wears thin at the edges."
Write In The Middle is a blog from Hawaii. Being an Alaskan, I'm fond of Hawaii, especially in the winter. According to Toni Todd, blogger extraordinaire, Write In the Middle reflects "...the middle of the ocean, the middle of nowhere, the middle of town, the middle of action, the middle of the couch, the middle of life, the middle of it all." Toni blogs about the environment, the recession job hunt, and being a writer, among many other topics. This blog is humorous and touching.
Accentuating Tlingit Traditions is the blog of renowned artist Clarissa Rizal who blogs about her art and her experiences as an accomplished artist. Clarissa is multi-talented. She does Chilkat weaving, painting, collage, Raven's Tail weaving, and sews button blankets.  She is an Alaskan treasure. On the topic of visiting Excursion Inlet, Alaska, Clarissa writes, " was a good feeling to hear stories of my parent’s days as young adults – it was good for my own children to experience the place and to hear the stories. We tend to forget that old people were once young."  Clarissa's insight into her own artmaking process is worth the read.
Alaskan author Eowyn Ivy's Letters From Alaska is a fresh look at life in Alaska. Myself, I'd like to be Eowyn's neighbor because she's always doing such delightfully Alaskan things. "I know a place where we can find blueberries. Fat, ripe, wild blueberries so thick on the bush that you can grab handfuls at a time." Eowyn blogs about chopping wood, camping, being a writer, moose hunting, and even making pickled peas. Her wonderful photographs enliven her musings. As well, Eowyn cleverly addresses her reader in a different manner each time she blogs: dear lovely reader, dear fearless reader, dear patient reader etc...This technique draws you right into the post. At Letters from Alaska you discover that the author is just as interesting as her upcoming novel.
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I really enjoy your blog.
I ended up here through "Catapult to Mars". I like your style, where fiction, poetry, tradition and nature all come together in a very powerful way.
Anonymous said…
Congrats, the reco is well deserved as I always in joy take away something good after reading your good words. So I'm off to read your recs,

Thanks, Herb
Anne Caston said…
Hi Vivian, thanks for this. I'll link to your blog on mine (I actually think I already do) and then I'll trawl to see who else's blog might get the award.

Such fun!


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