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The Drop in the Waterfall

Make time to learn the Lingít language. The time is now.  by Vivian Mork Yeilk'

*First appeared in the Capital City Weekly

Gunalchéesh to all of the people who work hard toward not only preserving the Lingít language, but also those of you who are working toward revitalizing the language. It’s not easy, but it is such an important path. When we lose a language, we lose a special way of seeing the world. The Lingít language is one of the most ancient languages spoken in the world and is the language of this land here in Southeast Alaska and interior Canada. There is immense knowledge of this place embedded in every part of the language. The Lingít language is dying. It doesn’t have to. We need help.

There are some wonderful efforts being made by numerous people to keep the Lingít language alive throughout Southeast Alaska, interior Canada and Anchorage. It is now taught in some schools as well as the university. There are people in a few towns and villages that make community classes…

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