Bound to Place

Bound to Place

(*Appeared in Bolts of Silk)

Children know haa áan—our land,
ways-of-knowing. Language binds them
to place, my incantations. Fish spawning
in streams, bear cubs birthing in dens.
Children, a seasonal calendar, interwoven.

Daughter born during the Child Moon—Dís yádi

Daughter in the Black Bear Month, S’eek dísi


Another daughter born in At gadaxit dísi


Son born in At gadaxit yinna dísi—the Breeding Month.

This animal landscape.

*Tlingit Language Resources:
Lingít Yoo X̲ʼatángi
Chilkat Indian Village: Tlingit Language Program
Alaska Native Language Center
SEALASKA Language Resources

Tlingit Moon & Tide (Examples of moons/months from
Kake, Alaska)


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