Hummin of Old Spice


The Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall is a building that often serves as a community center in SE Alaska communties. The one in Wrangell, Alaska (my hometown) burned down a long time ago. The Alaska Native Brotherhood organization was founded in 1912. My memories of the Hall in Wrangell mostly consist of dancing as many of our community dances were held there.

Sitka, Alaska's ANB Hall
The following poem that appeared in Catapult to Mars, is dedicated to my father.

Rockin at the Alaska Native
Brotherhood Hall

Daddy dressed ina blue suit

hummin of Old Spice

twirlin us lil hunyuks

cross the ole plank floor.

Daddy's curlin black hair

slicked topof his head

our pony tails iza floppin

doin the bounce-n-whirl.

Rock-steppin inr shiny shoes

spinin purple-cord jumpers

to the hippy-haired boyz

Benjamin Bros Band.

We're skiddadlin hoppin

to Jerimah's Bullfrog

doin the jive-n-jump

shiftin ona balls-of-r feet.

Daddy iza paddin back,

step-n-go, touch-step-n-touch

folks leanin ovr the balcony


watchin Daddy zippin

ana dizzin his girls

while wezu all thinkin

aint-r Daddy groovy.


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